Please sign up at the link below if you'd like to be invited to the December Single Elimination KO.  Not all teams will be admitted. We expect most teams will be invited.  When selecting teams to play Tom will use his judgment.  His decision is final.  You will be informed between December 1st to the 3rd if your team has been accepted and placed into the event bracket and spread sheet. This event is for fun and is not organized for expert bridge players to make money or earn a living.

Some reasons your team might not be invited:

  • Team members have dubious ethics or cheat

  • The team has been difficult to schedule

  • The team doesn't finish matches on time

  • The team has members who are jerks

  • The team has created extra work for the organizers

This is an invitational event. Participation is a privilege.  Feel free to enter other events if that bothers you.  There are a LOT of other bridge events online.