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Application for inclusion in the April-May/2024 KO can be found here until midnight April 15th:

Fill out form

Some reasons your team might not be invited:

  • Team members have dubious ethics or cheat

  • The team has been difficult to schedule

  • The team doesn't finish matches on time

  • The team has members who are jerks

  • The team has created extra work for the organizers

  • We needed a certain number of entries to fit the bracket

For scheduling purposes, a majority of the players in these events are normally in North and South America.  When matched with one of these teams, unless other mutually agreeable arrangements can be made, you will be expected to provide some possible match starting times between 6 PM and 10 PM weekdays and 9 AM to 10 PM weekends (Eastern/New York City time).


This is an invitational event. Participation is a privilege.  Feel free to enter other events if that bothers you.  There are a LOT of other bridge events online.

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