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Reynolds' Team Matches

"What is the difference between IMPs and Match Points? Who do you think were the two best heavyweights who ever fought? I don’t really care who you pick, but take those two fighters, both at the peak of their careers, put them in a ring and let them slug it out for 15 rounds. Whoever wins is the champ. That’s IMPs. Now take the same two fighters, blindfold them and tie one hand behind their backs. Divide the ring diagonally with a solid barrier and put a heavyweight on each side of the barrier. Now go down to the local tavern and collect 20 drunks. Place 10 drunks on each side of the ring and let the fighters go at it. Whoever knocks out his drunks first is the winner. That’s matchpoints!" --- Bob Hamman

Lance_Tom-Seniors 2019.jpg
Tom playing in the USBF Trials

This site is dedicated to the game of bridge, and not just any old bridge game, but to duplicate bridge team matches.  Find three to seven bridge friends and join us for a great online team event.  There is a quarterly seasonal double elimination knock out or a monthly single elimination knock out.  Special events can happen anytime. We hope you'll join us.  To recieve announcements and notifications of new events, submit your email below.  

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